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Competitive Trampoline

Pre Team

kris-power-tumbling-competitive-tumblingI hour class per week. Level: Beginner. Basic trampoline & double mini skills are taught during this class. Routines are put together for competitions.

Team II

2 ¼ hours of class per week. Level: Novice and Intermediate. Routine passes put together with 2/3 somis. Athletes focus on Fronts (tucks & pikes), Backs (tucks & layout), and Baranies (tucks & layouts). Double Mini- Novice (3passes) Intermediate (3 passes)

Team I

2 ½ hours of class per week. Levels: Sub Advanced, Advanced, & Elite. Routine passes put together with multiple somis. Focusing on twisting frontwards & backwards and double skills. Once athletes have mastered sub advanced and advanced , they move on to qualify as an Elite Athlete.